So What’s My Story?

I’ve been there – I’ve owned the business, ran the business, worked hard, until eventually selling the business for a nice profit.

All sounds good so far?

It was, except I had two small kids at this stage and when I looked at potentially starting another business I realised I couldn’t do it the same way again…I was done!

Done with the early mornings and not home till late.

Done with always worrying whether the money would come in this month.

Done with being paid not much more than I paid my employees.

Done with less than the standard 4 weeks holidays and even at that having to check into work while I was away.

So what did I do?…….

I decided there had to be another way. So I read books, I took courses, I learned from others, I studied business accounts and learned about what they told me, I learned about key performance indicators , I learned about retaining employees and retaining customers, I learned about money and how it flows in to (and out of) a business. I learned what makes turnover into profit and I learned what it takes to make a business into a money machine!

Then I started sharing it with others….

The business owners I worked with were typically those who started a business because they were really good at what they did – they were great opticians, hair stylists, beauticians, dentists, solicitors , accountants BUT ……

…it takes more than being good at what you do to know how to make MONEY from what you do!

My entrepreneurial dream is now to help those brave souls who are self employed to maximise their potential and the potential of their business and to find that freedom they dream of.

I’m ready to work with you too and share with you what I’ve learned……

Elaine Smith holds a bachelor degree in Optometry, an Advanced Diploma in Business and Executive coaching, and a Certificate in Career Coaching.