Site Security

Wireless CCTV  

Our leading temporary CCTV solution. Our advanced 360° HD PTZ cameras have a range of over 300 meters, can see in zero light conditions, can be fitted with thermal camera and has a 1km peripheral detection range. Connect up to 64 wireless P.I.R sensors to this machine creating truly seamless protection for your site.
Leading rapid deployment temporary security.
○ 8 meters in height for maximum deterrent
○ Wind tested to withstand a Cat 2 Hurricane (96-110mph)
○ 360° pan HD PTZ cameras – 30x Zoom
○Multiple anti-tamper mechanisms/sensors
○ 30 days recording space
○ Connect up to 64 wireless P.I.R sensors
○ Zero noise pollution
○Ultra low light night vision
The Ultra Lite is our leading wireless and fully monitored fixed rapid deployment CCTV system. Think of it as the small, but fully loaded “little brother” of our CCTV Tower.
The smart alternative to low budget outdated fixed systems.
○ Zero site footprint
○ Connect up to 4 additional camerasHurricane (96-110mph)
○ 360° pan HD PTZ camera
○ Wireless signalling & connectivity
○ 30 days recording space
○ On-board 24-hour camera recording
○ Audio challenge
○ Infra-red night vision
Visual Deterrent
Standing 8 meters tall, our towers imposing physical presence will make intruders think twice about trespassing on your site
Easy Site Access
Thanks to our innovative design, our tower can be built anywhere on your site, whereas other towers rely on clear access routes
Hurricane Tested
Our CCTV Towers are put through rigorous testing before going on site, our towers can easily handle a category II hurricane
Directional Audio
Our audio warnings and sirens are delivered to the intruder directly, giving the intruder the impression they have been caught

CCTV Tower Live Feed Quality

All of our CCTV Towers contain the latest cutting-edge technology to protect your site, our high definition cameras have a peripheral detection range of up to 1km and come equipped with STARVIS technology for advanced quality in daylight and darkness.
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We have branches across the UK who can assess your security requirements and provide quick quotations and deployment on site.
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