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How to: Selecting the Perfect Wine

  Give a detailed and intuitive review of some or all of your wine list. What would go well with a white wine and what would go with a red wine. Always link back to a dish on your menu. One or two images here would do the work for you!

Our New Pizza Oven

Talk about new features that your restaurant has done lately. Installed a new pizza oven, hired a new Italian Pizza Chef, etc. Benefits are: Better temperature control means a better all round cooking. Made by a chef that has over 10 years of making amazing authentic Italian handmade pizza. Made with genuine Irish and Italian products […]

How to: Make Simple Authentic Italian Pasta

Firstly you get your ingredients! here is what your going to need for enough pasta to serve 4 hungry people: 4 Eggs 500g plain flour etc Mix at this point thoroughly into a bowl and add some … Mix until a thick bread like batter is made. Transfer the mixture onto a flat surface and roll. […]

Welcome on our Restaurant!

Welcome! This is our new Website. Fresh and modern as it should be for every restaurant 😉 We will be posting a to this news page loads of cool new exciting things to help you make your own healthy restaurant style cooking at home! Keep an eye on this page and don’t be shy tell us […]